Tree Planting

Tree planting is beneficial for the environment and can add a new dimension to your outside space. They absorb carbon dioxide and provide shade and natural habitats for birds, animals and insects. Whether you need a few trees planted in your garden or would like to start or replenish a woodland area, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. For further information or to arrange a free quote for tree planting in Tiverton, Devon or Somerset, please contact us.

Tree Planting Services

Our tree planting services are fully inclusive of high-quality native trees and shrubs. As well as planting them in the desired location, we can also provide suitable guards and fencing to protect the trees from woodland animals such as deer and rabbits. Our services are bespoke to your requirements and include:

Ongoing Tree Maintenance

Young trees need to receive proper care to ensure they thrive. As a result, we offer ongoing tree maintenance services to ensure your trees are healthy and happy. This can include formative pruning to ensure they take the desired shape, inspections to identify disease, mulching, fertilising and woodland management plans.

Professional Advice

Our team are highly knowledgeable in all tree species and can provide expert advice on all planting projects. In addition, we can advise on the most suitable species for your garden, woodland or orchard to ensure they prosper.

Contact Four Seasons Tree Services

For further advice, to arrange an appointment or to discuss our tree planting services, please contact us. We operate throughout Devon and Somerset and can provide our services at a suitable time for you. Our team provide professional arboricultural services, so get in touch for a free quote.

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