Stump Grinding

Using specialist stump grinding machinery, we can remove tree stumps of all sizes. Failure to remove tree stumps can lead to root disease and Honey Fungus, which can be fatal to nearby trees, shrubs and woody climbers and herbaceous perennials. To arrange a free quote or book stump removal in Tiverton, Devon or Somerset, please get in touch.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Why is it Important to Remove Tree Stumps?

If a tree blows down, is felled or dismantled, we recommend getting the tree stump removed. This is because failure to remove the stump can lead to a host of problems. As well as Honey Fungus the stump can become diseased and will also provide the perfect home for pests such as termites, beetles, wasps, ants and other unwelcome guests. In addition, grinding the stump to below the ground surface level will leave your lawn flat and it will also prevent the stump from re-sprouting with suckering growth.

Get a Quote for Stump Removal

We operate across Devon and Somerset, so if you have a tree stump that needs removing, get in touch to arrange a free quote. We offer a fast response, competitive prices and all work is completed by our fully qualified team using specialist stump grinding equipment. So, get in touch today for a professional service you can rely on.

Contact Four Seasons Tree Services

If you would like further information about our stump removal service or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch with the team.

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